Hot Stamped Plastic Bags

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Hot Stamping is a method where a matte or metallic foil is heat sealed to a bag using a pre-drilled plate. This allows us to add your business name, logo, tagline and more to your packaging.

*Our lead time on hot stamped packaging is 3 weeks from artwork approval, plus shipping time.*

  • The color you select will stay true no matter what color bag it is applied to.
  • Creates a more unique and luxurious look and feel.
  • Colors cannot overlap, be tinted or color matched.
  • Not Ideal for logos that have a lot of detail and close lines.

Hot Stamp Pricing for Plastic Shopping Bags:

For less than 50 square inches, use Plastic Shopping Bag price for the bags and add the following for hot stamping:

Quantity 1/Side 2/Side
500 and below $135.00/Lot $270.00/Lot
501-1000 $160.00/Lot $320.00/Lot
1000+ 0.16/Lot 0.32/each

*If art is over 50 square inches: add $3.00 per square inch per 1000 bags

Bag size change: No charge for the first size change: $35.00 charge for each additional change.

Foil change charge: $35.00. Must be full case per color.

Plate change charge: $50.00. The plate sizes must fall within the same sq. inch category in order to combine the bag sizes for the quantity pricing.

For 1000+ bags use the 1000 bag price multiplied by the total number of bags.

Plate Charges** One Time Fee
under 25 sq. inches $75.00
26-50 sq. inches $100.00
51-80 sq. inches $100.00 +$1.00/sq. inch over the 50"

** add 1" to the width and 1" to the height of the actual art to get the sq. inches for plate cost (Ex: 8"x 4" art is a 9"x 5" plate = 45 square inches)

Rush Charges**
$65.00 2 weeks after approvals Maximum of 1,000 impressions
$95.00 1 week after approvals Maximum of 1,000 impressions
Add $30.00 per 1000 Impressions - This only applies over 1,000 impressions

*Standard lead time without rush charges is 3 weeks after all approvals.

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