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How Mid-Atlantic Packaging Protects Your Data

Mid-Atlantic Packaging is the leading source for all your packaging needs. We offer state-of-the-art security for your online business transactions, allowing you to shop and purchase with confidence from our company.

Our website employs Symantec SSL technology to encrypt and protect your communications using up to 256-bit encryption and three encryption algorithms, RSA, DSA, and ECC, within the same SSL certificate, ensuring that your information is protected while shopping with us. This added layer of security is designed specifically to provide you with added peace of mind when sending sensitive financial information to Mid-Atlantic Packaging via the web.

What Is Symantec SSL Technology?

SSL stands for secure sockets layer, the most commonly used way to encrypt information traveling between a web browser and a merchant’s server. The data sent in this way cannot easily be intercepted or decoded by those not directly involved in the transaction. SSL technologies use certificates to create an SSL handshake, which uses a public and a private key to create a secure link between the consumer and the website. This process provides added protection against interception or unauthorized access of the information transmitted between web commerce sites and their customers. The SSL security protocol is used by companies throughout the world to protect their own data and that of their customers. Symantec SSL certificates are among the most trusted ways to secure data and ensure the safety of confidential financial and personal information in the online marketplace.

Norton Secured

The Norton Shopping Guarantee

Symantec is the company that produces Norton products, widely regarded as state-of-the-art in computing security. The Norton Shopping Guarantee provides added assurance for Mid-Atlantic Packaging customers when purchasing products through our site. Simply put, Norton provides protection for consumers against identity theft and defective or unsuitable product purchases. The Norton Shopping Guarantee also offers a $100 lowest price guarantee to help consumers buy with greater confidence.

Norton Shopping Guarantee

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The McAfee SECURE Trustmark

The Mid-Atlantic Packaging website also features the McAfee SECURE Trustmark, which provides even greater safety for consumers when browsing and buying online. McAfee SECURE scans websites to determine if malware or phishing is present, allowing customers a greater degree of confidence when shopping on e-commerce sites. As a certified secure site, Mid-Atlantic Packaging can deliver the greatest degree of safety for our valued customers.

McAfee Secure
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