Paper Merchandise Bags

Paper merchandise bags are an ideal packaging solution for flat items that would jostle and flop around in a regular bag. These no-handle bags with serrated top edges are designed to hold books, magazines, cards, Blu-ray discs and other narrow items. They can also be used for small gift-shop trinkets. Choosing flat paper bags will reduce waste while securing items, and they can easily slide into larger shopping bags and backpacks when need be. Order wholesale flat merchandise bags from Mid-Atlantic Packing to make checkout smooth at bookstores, stationary shops, gift stores and music shops.

This flat packaging is available in all sizes and looks to fit your brand. Standard white bags come in various dimensions that match postcards, letters, legal documents, magazines and other common items to a tee. Select solid colored paper merchandise bags if you want to add some pizzazz for packing greeting cards and gifts. Patterned flat bags are also popular, Gingham and newsprint are very appropriate for booksellers while fancy floral print sends a message of positivity. If you're feeling guilty about wasting paper, our recycled kraft paper bags will make a store more eco-conscious.

Mid-Atlantic Packaging sells high-quality merchandise bags in packs of up to 1,000 - if you need more, we offer bulk pricing. And, don't forget about our custom printing. Our team can hot stamp or ink print company logos, contact information and more onto merchandise bags. More than 35 years of branded and stock packaging experience goes into every order. We'll even waive the customer plate and art fees for businesses and organizations who switch to us for their packaging needs. Call or email us with any questions and subscribe to our newsletter to receive notifications about sales, promotions and new products.

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    Gingham Merchandise Bags
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    Recycled Kraft Paper Merchandise Bags
  3. Colored Paper Merchandise Bags
    Colored Paper Merchandise Bags
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    Patterned Merchandise Bags
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    Solid Colored Fancy Merchandise Bags
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