Plastic Bags

Looking for colored plastic bags, tasteful decorative plastic bags or specialty plastic wine bags?

Mid-Atlantic Packaging has every available type of plastic shopping bag on the market. We've got frosted shoppers, reusable plastic bags, tri-fold frosted bags, die cut frosted bags and Euro totes. Here is where you can find budget-friendly colored merchandise bags at wholesale. Or perhaps you're looking for good-looking bags for T-shirts - we have these in several styles.

You can also find pouch style bags with zippered closures for packaging candy or snacks. Or find just the right style of frosted shopper bags for a distinctive branded look. The packaging possibilities are never-ending with our collection.

We have plastic bags available in solid colors or in festive prints. You can easily match your bags to the holiday season. Options come with either Flexi-Loop handles or die-cut. We even have custom printing options available on some bags. Concerned about the use of plastic? Be sure to check out our eco-friendly options too. Start shopping today!
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  1. Low-D Merchandise Bags
    Low-D Merchandise Bags
  2. High-Density Plastic Merchandise Bags
    High-Density Plastic Merchandise Bags
  3. Plastic T-Shirt Bags
    Plastic T-Shirt Bags
  4. Wave Top Reusable Bags
    Wave Top Reusable Bags
  5. Budget Low-D Merchandise Bags
    Budget Low-D Merchandise Bags
  6. Die Cut Frosted Plastic Bags
    Die Cut Frosted Plastic Bags
  7. Reusable Colored Frosted Plastic Bags
    Reusable Colored Frosted Plastic Bags/100
  8. Ameritote Reusable Bags
    Ameritote Reusable Bags
  9. Plastic Garment Bags
    Plastic Garment Bags
  10. Gingham T-Shirt Bags
    Gingham T-Shirt Bags
  11. Animal Print Frosted Plastic Shopping Bags
    Animal Print Frosted Plastic Shopping Bags
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