Reusable Bags

Customized reusable bags are one of the best business decisions a company can make. Smart retailers know that today's savvy consumers are more eco-conscious than ever, greatly favoring reusable shopping bags over paper or plastic. Not only are they an easy way to protect the environment — they're also extremely durable and able to carry just about anything. At Mid-Atlantic Packaging, we offer reusable bags in bulk quantities of 25, 50 or 100. Most of the styles can be customized with your company's name and logo. Premium quality reusable bags with logo, wholesale lots and custom printed, are a cost-effective way for businesses to promote their goods and services, while your customers appreciate your environmentalism. They'll reward you with their loyalty.

Colored Non-Woven and Canvas Reusable Bags

These durable, well-made bags are available in various colors, sizes and quantities. They're heavy duty with handles, and they'll be reused for many purposes — on future shopping trips, for carrying around work supplies and to take on family outings. These reusable non-woven bags can also be customized with your company name, logo and contact information, which means that your goods or services will be promoted all over the place. Choose a color that works best for your branding. We even have non-woven backpack bags that kids will use for school. They're also great for camping or day hiking trips. Canvas bags are classy and they last for years.

Jute Reusable Shopping Bags and Wine Bags

Jute is an extremely strong material made from vegetable fiber. Our eco-friendly jute bags and jute wine bags have a rustic appeal and are long lasting. They'll be a popular choice for lugging around books, shopping at the mall, heading out to the beach or local park and going on car trips with the kids, so be sure to customize them with your organization's logo and name. Your customers will appreciate the high-quality, environmentally friendly bag, and you'll appreciate the promotion!

Promote Your Business with a Reusable Grocery Bag

If you've been grocery shopping lately, you'll know that many people these days like to use their own bags. Those grocery bags could be advertising your company. Our top-quality custom printing provides a budget-friendly way to get the word out and grow your business.
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  1. 8x5x10x5 Colored Non-Woven Bags
    8x5x10x5 Colored Non-Woven Bags
  2. Non-Woven Backpack Bags
    Non-Woven Backpack Bags
  3. 20x6x16x6 Colored Non-Woven Bags
    20x6x16x6 Colored Non-Woven Bags
  4. 16x6x12x6 Colored Non-Woven Bags
    16x6x12x6 Colored Non-Woven Bags
  5. 13x5x13x15 Colored Non-Woven Bags
    13x5x13 and 15x16 Colored Non-Woven Bags
  6. Reusable Canvas Bags
    Reusable Canvas Bags
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