Food & Gourmet Boxes

Browse our varied selection of 1-Piece and 2-Piece gift boxes. Wholesale quantities on these attractive packaging options give your customers exciting gift ideas and ensure you won't run out. Mid-Atlantic Packaging is your one-stop shopping source for premium food and gourmet boxes and carriers. We have several different styles of wine boxes, 2-piece folding candy boxes and gourmet oil and vinegar boxes. Most of the boxes are approved for indirect food contact, so you can package your finest food and beverages in them and rest assured. Choose from various colors and you can add custom printing to market your unique brand.

Chic and Protective Wine Boxes and Wine Carriers

We offer several styles of wine carriers and wine boxes that are great for seasonal or anytime gift giving. There are textured ribbed wine boxes that provide a classy packaging and protection for bottles. Corrugated wine boxes are handy carriers for up to 6 bottles, and they can be stuffed with shredded paper or ribbons for protection and decoration. There are sophisticated Argento wine carriers that are also an attractive way to display wines. Two-piece pop-up wine boxes are available in gold, silver, red or white with matte or gloss finish. When dressed up with shredded paper or tissue inside and a wrapped with a colorful ribbon, they make a handsome presentation. We also have one-piece pop-up wine boxes. Nearly all can be customized with the name and logo of your business for cost-effective marketing and branding.

Olive Oil and Vinegar Gift Boxes

Do you have a gourmet or specialty food shop where you offer artisanal oil and vinegar? Display them in decorative packaging to give your customers a wonderful gifting idea. Artisan oils and vinegars make great housewarming and holiday gifts. Especially when they're beautifully packaged in an attractive box with decorative ribbons and bows. We offer different box styles with a choice of dimensions and capacity.

Stackable Snack Boxes and Folding Candy Boxes

Our stackable snack pack boxes are highly versatile, holding everything from cookies to chips to sandwiches. The two-piece folding set-up candy boxes are designed for individual pieces of chocolate or other types of candies. Choose a color that works best for your brand and add a custom business name and logo for a nice personal touch — and to help promote your brand!

Classic Carryout Containers

You've seen them in your favorite Chinese restaurants. These classic carryout containers are ideal for restaurant leftovers and take-out orders. They can be used for everything from gourmet cookies to a delicious order of sweet potato fries. Customize it to make it your own and promote your retail establishment.
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