Food & Gourmet Paper Bags

Browse our wide selection of food and gourmet paper bags. Food stores, restaurants, boutiques, wine shops and liquor stores, cafes, bakeries and many other kinds of businesses will discover a treasure trove of high-quality paper bags in various sizes and vibrant colors! Classic Kraft paper grocery bag dimensions are 10.5 by 6.5 by 14.5 inches or 12 by 7 by 17 inches or choose our E-Z tote grocery bags with convenient handles, which are 12 by 7 by 17 inches. We also offer eco-friendly tin tie bags; colored paper, brown paper and white paper lunch bags; paper wine bags, gourmet bags and more.

A Wide Variety of Lunch Bags

Lunch bags can be used for far more than just carrying lunches. These brown, white and colored paper lunch bags are available in many handy sizes and can be used to package everything from bakery goods to health and beauty products. These essential small to medium bag sizes are widely used in bakeries, boutiques, cafes and delicatessens, jewelry stores, card shops, gift shops and much more. Does your company logo feature a specific color? Match it with our colored bags. We also offer Kraft extra heavy paper lunch bags for added protection and greater weight for heavier items.

Elegant Tin Tie Bags

Our sophisticated tin tie bags are ideal for small food items such as candies, cookies, pastries, confections, nuts, chips and coffee. Enhance your customers' buying experience with these upscale tin tie bags for your bakery, café, coffee shop or candy counter. Choose from different colors to tie in with your décor.

Paper Wine Bags

The wonderful thing about our paper wine bags, which are available in colors ranging from black and white to chocolate and burgundy, is that they're both practical and potentially quite decorative. Secure handles provide a safe and secure way to carry heavy bottles out of the store. Your customer can purchase a bottle as a gift, add a few ribbons to the handles and they're done!

Gourmet Bags

Our gourmet bags, available with different capacities, are ideal for small food items such as candies or nuts and are also perfect for a card shop or for safely packaging postcards at a souvenir stand. Grease resistant gourmet bags are recommended for messier food items, like donuts and pastries, fast food items and fried take-out foods such as fish and chips.

Customize Your Bags for Name Recognition!

Make your bags stand out from the competition and advertise your business all around town by customizing them. Virtually all our paper bags can be custom printed for your company, with your name and logo.
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