Gift Basket Shred / Filler

In retail, sometimes filler is anything but. Shredded filler is often added to gift baskets, gable boxes, shipping containers and more to help cushion the contents. Not only is it more adaptable than packing peanuts, but it can provide a colorful backdrop that really helps jazz things up. Mid-Atlantic Packaging has a large assortment of gift basket filler and shipping shred that won't go to waste for your store. With wholesale everyday pricing and bulk discounts, you can get superior packing material for less.

Our shredded paper for gift baskets features classic crinkle cut filler in solid colors, mixes and metallic finishes for all sorts of holidays and special occasions. Shredded parchment is an economical option that provides a more upscale look. We also have basket stuffing made of cellophane, Mylar, tissue paper and special Excelsior shavings that have properties similar to wood. Spiro-Pack filler is a great alternative to air pillows or ordinary shred for shipping businesses. Case sizes range from one to 50 pounds so you'll always have the right amount in stock with no waste. Call us today or select a product to learn more.

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  1. Crinkle Cut Shred - Solids
    Crinkle Cut Shred - Solids
  2. Crinkle Cut / Mylar Blend Shred
    Crinkle Cut / Mylar Blend Shred
  3. Crinkle Cut Shred - Blends
    Crinkle Cut Shred - Mixes
  4. Jazz Pak Shred / Filler
    Jazz Pak Shred / Filler
  5. Parchment Shred - Solids
    Parchment Shred - Solids
  6. Parchment Shred - Blends
    Parchment Shred - Mixes
  7. Premium Shred
    Premium Shred
  8. Closeout: Eco Shred - 10 lb Boxes
    Closeout: Eco Shred - 10 lb Boxes
  9. Parchment / Mylar Shred - Blends
    Parchment / Mylar Shred - Blends
  10. Metallic Crinkle Cut Shred
    Metallic Crinkle Cut Shred
  11. Metallic Parchment Shred
    Metallic Parchment Shred
  12. Shredded Tissue Paper
    10 lb. Shredded Tissue Paper
  13. Shredded Cellophane Filler
    Shredded Cellophane Filler
  14. Mylar Shred
    5 lb. Mylar Shred
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