Labels & Tags

Create a perfect-looking package every time with the help of our wholesale gift tags and product labels from Mid-Atlantic Packaging. These essential odds and ends can help create a better experience for your customers. Whether you need to attach a brightly color sale sticker to a product or place the perfect card and envelope on a gift-wrapped package, you can find fantastic finishing touches when you shop on our site. We offer basic product tags and labels along with fancier options like embossed seals and pricing guns, making it easy to find the right fit for your needs. Browse the complete collection now to discover top-notch accessories for practical packaging solutions.

Affordable Product Tags

One of the most important tasks for any store manager is making sure that every product is priced correctly. To do this efficiently, stock up on our pricing guns, labels and ink. These tools allow your employees to stay on top of current pricing and take quick pricing action on seasonal sales and special discounts.

In addition, Mid-Atlantic Packaging offers great prices on Tach-It guns and accessories, including tagging needles, loop fasteners and barbs. You can also find bulk quantities of traditional product labels and product tags. When you want to get pricing tags wholesale, we've got you covered with our various categories of affordable labeling products.

Pricing and Tagging Guns

Have the right tools on-hand for any type of pricing situation with our selection of heavy-duty, reliable pricing and tagging guns. Browse pricing guns to find one-line, two-line and three-line options, plus re-inkable rollers and packs of general purpose and removable labels. You can also order your preferred style of Tach-It gun along with accessories such as gun needles and barbs. These tools help speed up the pricing process, which helps you achieve optimal levels of efficiency and sales.

Finishing Touches

Besides classic pricing products for retail, Mid-Atlantic Packaging offers plenty of those upscale finishing touches that make a great impression on your customers. Embossed seals and enclosed cards are the ideal add-ons because they add a thoughtful, stylish touch to your packaging. You can use these items to impress your customers or as part of a complimentary or fee-based gift-wrapping service. Shop at Mid-Atlantic to find these and other high-quality packaging supplies at wholesale prices.
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