Packing Peanuts

When it comes to choosing a method for cushioning items slated for shipping, packing peanuts are a long-time packaging favorite. Our bulk order 14 cubic foot bags of packing peanuts are a must-have for shipping, storing, and moving your delicate items. Whether you're filling a single box with items that must be protected or you are moving an entire truckload, these sturdy shipping peanuts are really all you need. They're the perfect shipping and moving solution for a multitude of products.

Not sure what to do with leftover peanuts? Why not recycle them to safely pack and store fragile holiday ornaments or decorations you only use once or twice a year? Our packing peanuts are the ideal solution to ensure your products and packages end up safe and sound at the end of their shipment.

Please note that packaging peanut supplies cannot be delivered by UPS. Please call 800-284-1332 for details about local pick up or delivery options (where available).
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